PayGate Subscriptions  offers the possibility to create agreements through publicly available iframes, which you can embed on your own website.

The advantage is that you let your visitors initiate the creation of the agreement instead of you creating it for them in our interface.

In order to get started with such an iframe, you have to:

  1. Decide what information (fields) you want your visitors to fill in, which fields should be pre-set to some value, and which optional fields will not be needed.
  2. Decide whether you will provide your visitors with the freedom to choose amount, frequency and start date themselves OR you will pre-define some plans to choose from.
  3. You can also provide us a custom design (in PSD format), which we will implement for your iframe, so that it better fits the look of your website.

You can contact at info@rainbowriders.dk to provide the above.

Here is a list of the required fields that should be present in every agreement and therefore in every iframe – regardless of whether they will be pre-filled or fillable by the end-consumer.
Subscriber: PhonePhone of the subscriberYes
Subscriber: First nameFirst name of the subscriberNo
Subscriber: Last nameLast name of the subscriberNo
Subscriber: EmailEmail of the subscriberNo
AmountThe amount to be paid by the subscriber.
For Denmark: DKK
For Finland: EUR
FrequencyThe frequency of the agreement payments.
Can be set to: 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 2 weeks
Start dateFirst payment date for the agreement and the date from which the recurring cycle is calculated.
Earliest possible is 2 days from today, latest possible is 3 months from today.
Plan nameInformation text that is displayed to the end-consumer when he is accepting/rejecting the agreement on his mobile phone.
Usually used to name the product for which the consumer is subscribing to.
Campaign IDCampaign number for your reference, in case the agreements are created as part of a campaign and you want to track that.No
Membership numberMembership number for your reference, in case the subscriber has a membership number in some of your other systems and you want to track that.No
CPRCPR number of the subscriber in case you need to collect that.No
Custom dataThis is not a field as such, but rather a container for many such, where you might want to add custom data on top of the above fields.No

Here is some examples of  what customizations we can do on your iframe in terms of the fields:

  • Remove if not required
  • Pre-fill and hide from the form
  • Pre-fill, but still leave them shown
  • Pre-fill, but still leave them shown & editable
  • For the Amount-Frequency-StartDate-PlanName combination we can instead include a dropdown (for example) with pre-defined plans.
  • For the Custom Data fields, we can create unlimited number of those and we can make different types – i.e. single input, dropdown, text area.

You can also have multiple iframes with different configuration for using them in different places.

The first iframe is included in the one-time setup fee, while any additional iframes are billed extra.

In terms of design, we can do either of three things:

  • Implement a custom design provided by you in a PSD format
  • Implement our standard design without any requirements from your end
  • (This is what most of our clients go fo) – Implement our standard design, but adjust styling to look like the website on which you will embed your iframe. In here we take into consideration the following:
    • Font family
    • Font colors
    • Font sizes
    • Input field styling
    • Validation icons – we use our standard ones