Onboarding guide

Creating account and first users

  1. Sign an agreement with MobilePay and enable the MobilePay Subscriptions product
  2. Provide us with the following information on info@rainbowriders.dk, so that we can create your account and users

LogoShown in PayGate's interface onlyNo
Redirect URLsTwo redirect URLs to which end consumers will be redirected after accepting/rejecting an agreement. One URL for when agreement is accepted.
One URL for when agreement is rejected.
User: First nameFirst name of a user who will use PayGate SubscriptionsYes
User: Last nameLast name of a user who will use PayGate SubscriptionsYes
User: EmailEmail of a user who will use PayGate SubscriptionsYes

As we create your account and the users for it, each user will  receive an email to set their password.

Login and authorize MobilePay

  1. Login with your email and password at https://mps.paygate.dk/login
  2. Click on the MobilePay button in order to authorize PayGate Subscriptions in front of MobilePay
    • You will be redirected to MobilePay
    • You have to login to MobilePay
    • You have to confirm the authorization of PayGate Subscriptions
  3. You will be redirected back to https://mps.paygate.dk/ where you can start creating agreements through our interface.

Global customization

We can customize multiple things for you that apply globally to your account. So if you want any of these changed, please let us know at info@rainbowriders.dk.

Retention periodHours in which a consumer cannot cancel agreement after accepting it (max is 24h).24h
Disable notification managementDisables the possibility of consumer to disable payment notifications.True
SMS textThe SMS that the consumer will receive when an agreement is created on him to approve/reject"MobilePay: To confirm your subscription, open this link: [LINK]"


PayGate Subscriptions  offers the possibility to create agreements through publicly available iframes, which you can embed on your own website.

Please check the iframe description and guide on what is required to get started with it.