Agreement and Payment statuses

Agreement statuses

Agreements can be in one of the following statuses:

PendingAgreement is created successfully and pending acceptance by the consumer
AcceptedConsumer accepted the agreement
RejectedConsumer rejected the agreement
ExpiredConsumer did not accept the agreement during the 2 weeks expiration period
CanceledConsumer or Merchant cancelled the agreement
CreatedAgreement is created in PayGate and requested to MobilePay, but MobilePay did not return any response (i.e. undefined error)
errorAgreement is created in PayGate and requested to MobilePay, but MobilePay returned error - in most cases it's validation error or authorisation error.

Payment statuses

Payments can be in one of the following statuses:

Type of paymentStatusDescription
Subscription paymentExecutedThe payment was successfully executed on the due-date
Subscription paymentFailed / SuspendedPayment failed to execute during the due-date.
Subscription paymentRejectedUser rejected the Pending payment in MobilePay or when the Agreement was canceled by user
Subscription paymentDeclined- Merchant declined the Pending payment via the API
- Agreement is not in Active state.
- If the Agreement’s frequency period has not passed since the last *Pending* or *Executed* Payment Request for that Agreement. Monthly agreements have a 1 week tolerance level.
- When the Agreement was canceled by merchant or by system
- A catch-all error code when payment was declined by core system.
- Declined due to user status.
- When the Agreement does not exist
- When the due date before rule is violated
- When the due date ahead rule is violated
Subscription paymentScheduledWhen the payment is scheduled to be requested from PayGate to MobilePay at a certain time in the future
One-off paymentCreated / RequestedPayGate has created and requested the one-off payment and it's pending the end-consumer acceptance
One-off paymentCanceledMerchant has canceled the one-off payment
One-off paymentReservedThe one-off payment was accepted by user or was automatically reserved with auto_reserve flag and money is reserved for you on his card. You can now capture the money.
One-off paymentCapturedThe one-off payment has been successfully captured
One-off paymentExpired1. One-off payment was neither accepted, nor rejected by user.
2. User didn’t any action after automatic reservation failed.
One-off paymentRejectedUser rejected one-off payment request in MobilePay.
RefundDeclined- Payment is fully refunded.
- The total sum of previous Refunds cannot exceed the original payment amount.
- Payment was not found.
- Payment cannot be refunded.
- Payment cannot be refunded.
- Cannot refund payments that are older than 30 days.
- Cannot refund instantly transferred payments.
RefundIssuedThe Refund was successfully issued