PayGate Flow


PayGate Flow offers the possibility to create win-back flows in cases where you might have too many agreements expiring, but it also allows for numerous different automated flows for communicating to your subscribers through SMS.

The advantage is that you can setup any automated SMS communication flow based on the agreements’ statuses and time ranges.


PayGate Flow has the following core flow behind it:

  1. Enable automatic SMS sending for a specific agreement status – fx. “Pending”
  2. Setup your flow by defining how many days after an agreement has been Pending, should the system send reminder SMS to the subscribers. You can even setup multiple reminders each sent after several days later than the previous one.
  3. Setup a DND (do not disturb) time so that your subscribers don’t receive SMS-es in the middle of the night for example.
Please note that while you can setup as long SMS texts as you want, we do charge based on number of SMS-es. A single SMS has a length of up to 160 characters (incl. white spaces).

Getting started

If you want to use this add-on, please contact us.

This is what we will need from you in order to get you started:

  • (Optional): Description of the flow you want to use, so we can setup the first one for you, if you want