PayGate Connect


PayGate Connect is our add-on that connects to Online Fundraising and allows merchants that have chosen Online Fundraising as their integrator to still use PayGate and its features, while they remain at OFR as their integrator.

The advantage of this add-on of ours is that you don’t have to switch your integrator to use PayGate’s unique features.

Getting started

If you want to use this add-on, please contact us.

This is what we will need from you in order to get you started:

  • The standard set of things that any of our new clients should provide: see them here
  • API keys for your production OFR account or administration access to your account, so we can get them ourselves
  • OFR to setup webhook URL to PayGate – you just need to confirm when we make this request to OFR
From here on you can start creating agreements through PayGate’s interface or take advantage of our other add-ons like PayGate Collect, etc.