PayGate Collect


PayGate Collect offers the possibility to create agreements through SMS.

The advantage is that you provide your end-consumers with the possibility to simply send a keyword to a short number and get their agreement started.


PayGate Collect has the following core flow behind it:

  1. We setup specific keyword(s) requested by you and assign to them the required – amount, frequency, start date, plan name
  2. End-consumer can now send a keyword (fx. HELP) to a short number (fx. 1204)
  3. End-consumer receives an SMS reply with the link to accept/reject the agreement.
This is the most basic and simple flow. However, the following can be added to the flow if requested:
  • Adding an Accept Terms page – in this case the end-consumer will receive SMS with link to Terms page instead. As he accepts the Terms, we automatically open  his MobilePay application to review the agreement.
  • Adding a form for gathering additional information – since we only know the consumer’s phone, we might also want to gather other data, such as names, email, etc. In that case it is possible that we add form with these fields to be filled in when accepting the terms. For more info on what fields are possible, please see the guide on iframe, since the possibilities are identical
One other possible way of using PayGate Collect is being under development right now. It will allow for special URL to be set for example on a Facebook Ad (or really anywhere you want), which when clicked will:
  • When on mobile – open the consumer’s SMS app with pre-filled keyword and short number to send to
  • When on Desktop – open a landing page where the consumer will fill in phone and any other extra information needed to create an agreement on him.

Getting started

If you want to use this add-on, please contact us.

This is what we will need from you in order to get you started:

  • Description of the flow you want to use
  • Do you need Terms acceptance?
  • What keyword(s) would you like to reserve (if available) and what amount-frequency-startdate-planname should each one be assigned with?
  • Do you want to gather any other info from your consumers other than their phone number?