PayGate Interface

Main modules

You have probably already seen our interface when you logged in for the first time at

Once you login, you will see several pages like:

  • Dashboard – a visual report showing you different statistics and allowing you to filter by date range and also share with external people
  • Users – this is where you manage the users in your company who can access the platform
  • Campaigns – this is where you manage your campaigns. It’s an easy way to group your agreements into campaigns.
  • Agreements – this is where you manage agreements
  • Import – this is where you can create new agreements in bulk through using our CSV import feature
  • Subscribers – this is where you manage your subscribers (i.e. end-consumers)
  • Reports – this is where you can export agreements and/or payments reports
  • Permissions – this is where you can manage the permissions of the different roles in your organisation, which then you can assign to the users
  •  SMS log – this is where you can see a list of all outgoing SMS-es PayGate has sent to your subscribers

Creating an agreement

In order to create an agreement, you have to first create a subscriber. Once that is done, then you just go to ” Agreements > Create new agreement” and fill in the necessary fields.

Once you submit the create agreement form, the end-consumer will receive an SMS with a link to click in order to accept/reject the agreement in his MobilePay application.

An alternative way to create agreement through our interface is by using the Import module, which allows you to download a sample file, which you can fill in and then import back into PayGate. This will create all agreements in bulk for you.

Check the below table for description of the fields in the import file:

firstnameFirst name of the subscriber
lastnameLast name of the subscriber
emailEmail of the subscriber
phoneMobile phone of the subscriber
address_1Address 1 of the subscriber
address_2Address 2 of the subscriber
zipZIP of the subscribers
cityCity of the subscribers
membership_numberMembership number of the subscriber in your CRM - only for internal use
amountThe mount of the agreement
frequencyThe frequency in which payments should be executed
plan_nameThe name of the agreement plan that is visible to the subscriber in his MobilePay app when accepting/rejecting the agreementMax 30 characters (including whitespace)
next_payment_dateThe date of the first paymentEarliest possible is after 2 days
descriptionDescription of the agreement - visible to the subscriber in his MobilePay app when accepting/rejecting the agreementMax 60 characters (including whitespace)
oo_amountThe amount of an optional one off payment that will be reserved immediately at the time of accepting the agreement
oo_descriptionDescription for the one off paymentMax 60 characters (including whitespace)
commentsInternal comments
campaign_idName of the campaignIf a campaign with the specified name does not exist in your PayGate account, then a new one will be created